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 Communications:Other Comms ToolsNew Release
Bulk SMS Sender Android 5.0.Shareware
It automatically detects all connected mobile phones and allows you to select mobile number through which you want to send SMS from PC.Android Bulk SMS Sender includes many features such as delay in SMS to be delivered.Android Bulk SMS Sender sends SMS from pc to mobile. Android Bulk SMS Sender acts as an advanced marketing tool in the market, making it easier to send promotional messages and links. You can send Personalized message to all the contacts. For example, you can add the name of contacts in the message for personal touch.It also keepsa Log file for Sent and Failed SMS with number, corresponding message and Date of SMS sent. The unique feature of Android Bulk SMS Sender is that itsends SMS to All DND/NON-DND Mobile Numbers. This SMS sending softwaresends SMS to individuals or list of phone numbers. Android Bulk SMS Sender is compatible with both Windows 7 andWindows 10. It only requires you to have the SIM in your phone and No data connection is required for its worki...
SystemDate3 / 14 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorShweta NagSize2.3 MB
KeywordsCompanyLantech Soft$120US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Audio & Multimedia:CD BurnersMajor Update
Burn Studio 1.6Freeware
VOVSOFT Burn Studio is truly lightweight CD, DVD and Blu-ray burn utility at only 700 KB and does not include any of the fluff or overly complicated configuration that other burners contain - it is straightforward and easy-to-use. It permits you to effortlessly add files and folders and burn them via a simple click on the Burn button. It also includes disc verification support after the burn process is complete. You also have the option to format your rewritable discs to burn them again, and you can create custom labels for the discs as well.
SystemDate11 / 27 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorVOV SOFTSize0.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyVOVSOFTFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryTurkey TurkeyStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:Inventory & BarcodingMajor Update
Bytescout BarCode Generator 4.70Freeware
Bytescout BarCode Generator is able to generate and export barcode into image (EMF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF). Supports almost all available 1D and 2D barcode types: Codabar, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-13, EAN-8, JAN-13, Bookland, UPC-A, UPC-E, Postnet, PDF417, Truncated PDF417, DataMatrix, QR Code, MaxiCode, GS1 barcodes and more. The software is based on Bytescout BarCode (generator) SDK for .NET software developers (see for more information)
SystemDate4 / 9 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorBytescout SoftwareSize2.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyByteScout, IncFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Development:DebuggingMajor Update
ByteScout Bitmap Visualizer 1.0.Freeware
Bytescout Bitmap Visualizer (freeware) Debugger bitmap objects content visualization add-on for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013. Are you developing application to draw or process images? This addon will save your time, clicks and key presses! This addon shows a handy bitmap viewer when you hover the mouse over a Bitmap object in a source code (in Debugger) and clicking the tiny magnifier button in the pop-up. Features: - shows the image that selected Bitmap object contains - automatically saves history of inspected images (and Bitmap objects) so you may review previous bitmaps - you may zoom the image to view details - you may save the image into a file with a handy UI This addon is free for both commercial and personal use Visit for more tools and libraries for software developers!
SystemDate6 / 26 / 2017Download: 
LanguageAuthorBytescout SoftwareSize0.5 MB
KeywordsCompanyByteScout, IncFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Development:Components & LibrariesNew Release
Bytescout Data Extraction Suite 1.10Shareware
Extract data from documents, PDF, images, Excel in your desktop or web applications. Includes 3 Data Extraction Tools for your documents workflow: PDF Extractor SDK converts PDF to text, extracts images from PDF, PDF to CSV for Excel, PDF to XML BarCode Reader SDK reads almost any barcodes from PDF, TIF, images, webcam in ASP.NET and desktop apps Spreadsheet SDK reads and writes XLS, XLSX, CSV files without Excel installed in ASP.NET, server-side, desktop apps What's new version 1.10 PDF Extractor SDK: Improved Text Extractor, CSV Extractor and XML Extractor. New Multimedia Extractor. Improved conversion of tables with empty columns inside. New property PageDataCaching controlling automatic disposing of previously accessed pages. New source code example 'Reduce Memory Usage'. Fixed null exception when trying to dispose already disposed pages. Improves font support in XLS Extractor. SkipInvisibleText property now skips aloso the clipped text (which is not visib...
SystemDate3 / 1 / 2016Download: 
LanguageAuthorBytescout SoftwareSize0.5 MB
KeywordsCompanyByteScout, Inc$1499.99US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Development:Components & LibrariesMajor Update
Bytescout Image To Video SDK 2.22Demo
Image to video slideshow conversion - .NET & ActiveX SDK. Create slideshow with 2D and 3D effects from JPG, PNG, BMP images, with MP3, WAV sound and WMV, AVI video as output. Works in Visual C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, ASP classic, VB6, VBScript. This image to video conversion SDK helps to convert image sequence to AVI or WMV video much easier in your desktop or web application. Benefits: * Ready to use methods to load JPG, BMP, PNG images and convert them to WMV, AVI video with 2D and 3D transition effects! * Royalty-free distribution along with your product/application (Developer License is required); * Includes .NET and ActiveX interfaces; * Provides lot of 2D and 3D slide transition effects to generate video slideshow * Supports JPG, PNG, BMP images as input; * You can set slide duration, in and out effects duration, transition effect type; * Can set audiotrack from external audio file (mp3, wav); * Supports background color and background image for video slideshow.
SystemDate12 / 7 / 2017Download:
LanguageAuthorBytescout SoftwareSize29.5 MB
KeywordsCompanyByteScout, Inc$1199.99US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Development:Components & LibrariesMajor Update
CAD DLL 14Shareware
CAD DLL is a multifunctional library for viewing, importing and converting different CAD files, including DWG (2.5 - 2018), DXF, DWF, HPGL/ HGL, PLT, CGM, SVG, TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF and others. The library is especially convenient for integrating CAD into applications developed in VC++, C#, Delphi, ASP .NET, C++Builder, Visual Basic and VB.NET. CAD DLL doesnt require AutoCAD or any other third party software. The license is royalty-free and has no time limitations, i.e. you can use the license as long as you want. CAD DLL is available in 32- and 64-bit versions on Windows platform; also it is possible to use CAD DLL on Linux. Detailed technical information and free technical support will help you to implement the library into your project as fast and easily as possible. The trial version of CAD DLL includes examples of applications in Visual C++; C#; Delphi, ASP .NET and other programming languages. CAD DLL library demonstrates the use of such functions as import, viewing and ...
SystemDate10 / 16 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorCADSoftTools CADSoftToolsSize65.1 MB
Ratings 0 of 0CountryRussian Federation Russian FederationStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:OtherNew Release
Cafe Manager for Internet Cafes 4.0Shareware
Cafe Manager is Internet cafe software for cyber cafe management. Designed to assist in day to day of Internet cafe administration. Produce charges using unlimited, completely configurable billing schemes. With integrated Point Of Sales system sell snacks, drinks and charge printer, scanner and CD-RW services. Control client PCs with Screen Shield - our Internet Cafe client program. Reports module is included with Cafe Manager package. Our cyber cafe software supports 3 major payment methods widely used in Internet cafes: - Play as you Go: Customer pays after he finished using the PC. Charge calculated based on time spent and selected charge rate. - Pre-Paid: Customer pays before he starts using the PC. There are 2 options: If the customer wants to spend an exact amount of money, the program will calculate time based on selected charge rate. If the customer wants to spend a specific amount of time, the program will calculate the charge based on selected charge rate. ...
SystemDate4 / 7 / 2017Download: 
LanguageAuthorVictor BergmanSize2.3 MB$200US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Development:Components & LibrariesMajor Update
CallbackDisk 3.1Shareware
With CallbackDisk component you can create and manage virtual disk devices within the software application that you develop and expose these disks to Windows as if they were real disk devices. The disks become visible to all processes in Windows. Virtual disk is the one that has a file system on it, but is not physically located on a disk partition. The storage can be actually located in a file residing on a local disk, or in application resources, or in memory, or somewhere at a remote location. The important part is that this disk is visible to the user (and to other applications) as if it were a formatted hard disk partition. CallbackDisk provides a kernel-mode driver, which calls your application when it needs to perform reading or writing to the disk. And your application can store the actual disk data anywhere it needs: in memory, over the net etc. Virtual disk can be needed, when * the application stores some data internally (in resources or in supplementary fil...
SystemDate10 / 18 / 2015Download:
LanguageAuthorKen IvanoffSize18.7 MB
KeywordsCompanyEldoS Corporation$2135US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryUnited Kingdom United KingdomStat D:C2 : 0

 Development:Components & LibrariesNew Release
CallbackProcess 1.0Shareware
CallbackProcess is a Windows SDK (library) to track and control process and thread creation, termination or manipulation. CallbackProcess provides a driver, which calls your application when some new process is started, or thread is created in Windows. Also your callback will be invoked when some application requests access to the process or thread (including the purpose of terminating this process or thread). Your application can deny the request, alter its parameters or you can just log the access, if needed. CallbackProcess can be useful when you need to * track process creation * protect processes and threads from being terminated * protect your code from intrusion by malware code * protect the operating system from attacks * audit process launch and termination * inspect the command line passed to programs CallbackProcess includes C++, .NET and VCL APIs for use in your Windows and .NET applications.
SystemDate4 / 14 / 2015Download:
LanguageAuthorKen IvanoffSize15.8 MB
KeywordsCompanyEldoS Corporation$1538US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryUnited Kingdom United KingdomStat D:C2 : 0

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