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 Education:LanguagesNew Release
English Irregular Verbs with Music 1.0.Demo
English Irregular Verbs with Music is a teaching karaoke-program. Karaoke type exercises guarantee 100% memorization! You'll remember the verbs as well as the lyrics of your favourite song! English Irregular Verbs with Music is the undoubtedly unique program that has set the verbs to original musical compositions. We have set English to music! Now karaoke is not only great fun, but a powerful and natural way to learn words! Fast and easily you'll learn the verbs repeating them rhythmically to different musical accompaniments. Rhythm locks words into your memory so that you can remember them forever. The forms of the English irregular verbs are displayed and pronounced rhythmically to different musical accompaniments. All the exercises has the same task: listen, repeat and try to remember. We recommend that you say the verbs with the proper beat: this will help you learn them comparatively quickly and easily! Following the speaker's way of saying will help you pronoun...
SystemDate3 / 21 / 2015Download:
LanguageAuthorNikolai FilevskiiSize91.1 MB
KeywordsCompanyFilevskii Nikolai$9.4US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryRussian Federation Russian FederationStat D:C2 : 0

 Games & Entertainment:Puzzle & Word GamesNew Release
Epta 5.0Freeware
Epta is a Deceptively Simple but Addictive Game, Epta is a simple game for improving the logical thinking. This game improve your logic, abstract thinking, risks assessment and forecasting different situations. The goal is removing of colored squares by combining them in the one-colored group with 4 or more squares. Pros: -Incredibly easy to learn gameplay. -Smooth simple graphics. -Personal high score list. -Challenging puzzles that keep you coming back.
SystemDate4 / 16 / 2012Download:
LanguageAuthorGennadiy NaydaSize0.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyGrapecom Ltd.Freeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryUkraine UkraineStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:Calculators & ConvertersMajor Update
ESBProgCalc Pro 2.2.Shareware
ESBProgCalc Pro is a Programmers Calculator that supports full precedence, large range of operations (and, or, xor, not, nand, nor, xnor, shl, shr, rol, ror, neg, mod, etc), Paper Trail, Clipboard Support, History of results, Integrated Help, Expression Editing, and much more. The Calculator also has an expression editor that allows the data that has been entered can be then edited and recalculated. Precedence can be turned off for those who do not wish it. Registered version also includes Electronic Documentation and PDF designed to produce Printed Documentation. Register only once for the life of the product. Also available as part of the ESBCalc Pro Suite. Register only once for life of product.
SystemDate9 / 30 / 2016Download:
LanguageAuthorGlenn CrouchSize2.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyESB Consultancy$19US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAustralia AustraliaStat D:C2 : 0

 Education:Teaching & Training ToolsMajor Update
Exam Pro Software 15.1Shareware
Create test, exam in any language. eLearning, online-test solution. Exam talks. Supports six types of questions including essay type questions. You can add graphics, audio and video, password protection. Provides Student Answer Sheet facility, spell check, text-to-speech functionality to read the text aloud, centralized exam records. Exam Software is a Test Management Software, which offers a complete solution for Computer Based Test (CBT) You can create your own unique Tests in any language and administer the Tests. Exam Software keeps all the records of conducted exams, topic wise score reports and Student Answer Sheets. Apart from multiple choice and fill in the blanks questions, Exam Software supports essay type questions where student can enter descriptive answer and examiner can evaluate the answer later. Support for graphics, audio and video are another attractive multimedia feature. Exam Software has changed the way of managing tests, especially for schools managing examina...
SystemDate12 / 31 / 2014Download:
LanguageAuthorGautam SatheSize10.5 MB$1628US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:Math & Scientific ToolsNew Release
Explorer Standard Suite 18.8Freeware
NXG Logic Explorer is a Windows machine learning package for data analytics, predictive analytics, unsupervised class discovery, supervised class prediction, and simulation. Perform a variety of statistical tests including independent 2- and k-sample sample parametric and non-parametric tests, association, regression, etc. Explorer leverages several technologies to substantially improve your productivity by reducing the time required for performing many procedures. Identify novel patterns in exploratory datasets, quickly analyze a set of data for hypothesis testing, perform simulations, and perform text mining to extract meaningful ideas in data.
SystemDate8 / 26 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorTechnical SupportSize22.8 MB
KeywordsCompanyNXG Logic, LLCFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:Inventory & BarcodingMajor Update
ExportNet 9.08Freeware
Trading companies deal with a lot of merchandising information every day, including prices, quote, product specification, MOQ, deliveries, surcharges and payment. Lost track on these vital issue will cause hidden problem either late deliveries, loose of profit or in worst scenario is losing the customer. ExportNet is designed to tackle these problem and offer a valuable solution with a simple and centralized database software. It create catalog, cost sheet, quotes, trading document and full set shipping document. It uses these information to generate a margin comparison report on purchase and sales, which is used to find out the cheapest supplier and most generous customer. Hence, sharply increase company€s profit margin. Outstanding shipment report to keep track of partial shipment in order to complete an order timely. Outstanding payment report to identify the credit situation of all customer. A unique quotation analysis report to show a full picture of quote against success...
SystemDate8 / 20 / 2015Download:
LanguageAuthoribuyer EddieSize21.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyibuyer (HK) Co.,Freeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 System Utilities:File & Disk ManagementMinor Update
ExpPrint 6.4.Shareware
ExpPrint allows you to easily view, print, and save listings of files and folders, their properties and tags/metadata. Listings can be viewed in a detailed layout format with a number of properties per row, or in a concise multi-column layout showing just the file name. Detailed listings can be sorted by any property (name, size, type, date, version, etc.), and are highly configurable in both content and style. You can create your own custom settings and save as many as you want. You can create listings containing: * Files and folders that you select in Windows Explorer, including selections from search results * A branch of a folder * Entire disk contents * Most things that you can browse from Windows Explorer including the file system directories, libraries, and many virtual folders * Compressed (ZIP & CAB) file contents Listings can include the following file information: * Name * Size * Type * Modified, Last Accessed, and Created time stamps * Attributes ...
SystemDate2 / 27 / 2017Download: 
LanguageAuthorJulie LowndesSize2.8 MB
KeywordsCompanyJD Design$12US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryUnited Kingdom United KingdomStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:Accounting & FinanceNew Release
Express Accounts Free 5.24Freeware
Express Accounts Accounting Software Free from NCH Software. Express Accounts Accounting Software is perfect for small businesses. Easily track payments and deposit transactions. View balances and reports to see how your business is doing. Email or fax reports directly to your accountant. This software is designed to be intuitive and very easy to use. Organize your business' bookkeeping by tracking sales and accounts receivable. You can also automatically record recurring orders and invoices. Express Accounts Features: * Easily generate over 20 financial reports. * Income Sheets and Balance Statements help you track growth. * Generate purchase orders, receipts, and checks * Secure mobile access via web. * Run multiple businesses with a single installation. *Perfect for both product and service based businesses
SystemDate9 / 23 / 2016Download: 
LanguageAuthorNCH SoftwareSize0.9 MB
KeywordsCompanyNCH SoftwareFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:Office Suites & ToolsMajor Update
Express Delegate Free 4.12Freeware
Use Express Delegate can control dictation jobs through a simple web interface. Sort by priority, age, deadline, speaker, duration and more. Status of jobs can be marked as unassigned, assigned, transcribing and finished. Managers can edit and view dictation details. Transcriptions can be uploaded directly to the web interface and are available for speakers to download. Typists can be emailed a dictation file directly when it is assigned or they can download the file by logging into the web console. Jobs can be re-assigned to another typing pool or given a new priority Express Delegate Free features: * Three levels of web console access including manager, speaker, and typist. * Typists can be assigned to one or multiple typing pools * Multiple rules can be set for speakers, priority of jobs, and tags * Dictation files can be sent directly to Express Delegate from Express Dictate * Typists can retrieve new dictations directly from Express Scribe * Recordi...
SystemDate9 / 9 / 2015Download: 
LanguageAuthorNCH SoftwareSize1.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyNCH SoftwareFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Games & Entertainment:Tools & EditorsNew Release
Extreme Injector 3.7Freeware
Extreme Injector by master131 Inject ! Extreme Injector v3.7 *NEW* 2017 Update! A powerful and advanced injector in a simple GUI. Can scramble DLLs on injection making them harder to detect and even make detected hacks work again! Features: - Colourful and customizable GUI - Process List - Multi-DLL injection (with options to enable/disable DLLs to inject) - Auto-Inject - Stealth Inject - Close on inject - DLL Scrambling (scrambles DLLs on injection to make hacks harder to detect and make detected hacks work again) - 'Un-inject' DLLs - Mutiple injection methods (Standard, LdrLoadDll Stub, LdrpLoadDll Stub, Thread Hijacking and Manual Map) - Drag and drop support - 64-bit injection support - Automatic Visual C++ depedency installer - Execute exported functions after injection
SystemDate7 / 18 / 2017Download: 
LanguageAuthorWilliam S WilliamsonSize1.8 MB
KeywordsCompanyExtremeInjectorFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

Page: 19 : 1356Found: 13557In Dir: 0
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