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 Business:Office Suites & ToolsMajor Update
FileOne 1.2.Shareware
FileOne the next generation organizer FileOne is an email client, note taking PIM in its basic form and might be a possible alternative to OneNote or EverNote. However FileOne can be seen as a next generation organizer/PIM since it can do so much more, like: o Create notes and documents o Send and receive email o Import image/photo files and view them o Import music tracks and play them o Create calendar/todo entries including meeting invitations o Play online radio streams o Record/rip from online radio streams o Import movies and play them o Download/rip movies from online video streams o Create slide shows from imported images o Create play lists from imported music tracks o Import any type of file and associate any type of editor or viewer with it o Hyperlink all entries to each other o Structure all entries using a treeview with drag, drop, copy and move operations o Use as a rich portable documentation/help vehicle with text, audio an movies o Generat...
SystemDate12 / 21 / 2014Download: 
LanguageAuthorRembrand BerkhuijsenSize20.9 MB
KeywordsCompanydaxLAB Limited$25US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryNetherlands NetherlandsStat D:C2 : 0

 System Utilities:Registry ToolsMajor Update
Finally Fast 8.4.Demo
What is Finally Fast? Finally Fast is a windows registry cleaner that identifies and removes errors and invalid files. Problem It's a fact. As soon as you start using your brand new PC, it can start creating errors. And more errors. In fact, over time, a computer can be bogged down by hundreds of errors that may slash performance and cause freezes and crashes. How many errors could be dragging down performance in your PC? Your Solution Finally Fast performs a comprehensive search of your computer to locate and remove error and invalid files. Finally Fast can help improve your computer's overall performance by getting rid of these unwanted files. What Finally Fast can do for you... Instantly eliminates all detected PC errors! Reduces and even eliminates freezing and crashing. Keeps more applications open! Extremely safe and easy to use! Helps return your PC to its original high performance! Provides descriptions and exact locations of all errors! Fully compatibl...
SystemDate6 / 1 / 2015Download: 
LanguageAuthorKevin DaviesSize1.5 MB
KeywordsCompanyAscentive LLC$29.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:Calculators & ConvertersNew Release
Financial Calculator 6.0Freeware
This is a portable program for financial calculations and could run in any computer device in any resolution. You only need to install Java 1.8 (Java 8) or newer one. By this program you could have a variety of financial calculations more accurate than normal programs. This program shows large numbers without showing them in exponential form. This program could translate into any language. This program has two official languages (English and Persian) which you could use them for creating translated language file. You could change the font and font size and select any of them which installed on your device. All parts of the program could be customized to any color you want. You could save the result of the calculation into the text file or save it into the database of the program which shows on top of the each section. This program has 11 parts for 11 different financial calculations.
SystemDate12 / 16 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorShahab Baradaran DilmaghaniSize13.2 MB
KeywordsCompanybdshahabFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Audio & Multimedia:Audio Encoders/DecodersNew Release
FLAC To MP3 Mac 2.0Freeware
FLAC To MP3 Mac is a free Mac OS application which converts FLAC to MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, OGG and WAV audio formats. Besides FLAC format, the app could also convert other media formats to MP3 including video and audio media formats. The app also transfers the metadata and tags in FLAC into MP3 files, so you could keep all tag information during the conversion. The user interface is quite simple and you can drag and drop your FLAC files onto the program then the conversion would start instantly, FLAC to MP3 Mac will convert all your FLAC music at once.
SystemDate8 / 2 / 2017Download: 
LanguageAuthorWoody WuSize13.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyFLAC To MP3 MacFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 System Utilities:Clipboard ToolsNew Release
Flashpaste 6.2Shareware
Flashpaste is a great tool which hugely enhances the copy and paste ability of your computer, effectively allowing speed typing. Web programmers, software developers, customer assistance staff and many more will find this extremely useful. For many of us, the normal, built in copy and paste features simply aren't enough when we must save time. The program gives you access to a set of text templates that you, yourself define when you set up the program. These templates can be fragments of code or simple text that you frequently need access to. For example, if you are a web developer, you can easily paste repeated fragments of code without needing to find the original source from which to copy or write it out again from scratch. Macros are also supported, adding greatly to the power and usefulness of this program. Added to this, it also supports clipboard history, so you can easily go back over information that was previously held in the clipboard. To find out more and to begin testi...
SystemDate10 / 26 / 2015Download:
LanguageAuthorNikolay TiushkovSize1.7 MB
Ratings 0 of 0CountryUkraine UkraineStat D:C2 : 0

 Home & Hobby:Health & NutritionMajor Update
Fluency Counter 1.0Freeware
Stuttering and fluency counter. Speech and language pathologists can count and calculate the number of syllables and disfluencies a person has. Stuttering and fluency counter. Speech and language pathologists can count and calculate the number of syllables and disfluencies a person has. Stuttering and fluency counter. Speech and language pathologists can count and calculate the number of syllables and disfluencies a person has. Stuttering and fluency counter. Speech and language pathologists can count and calculate the number of syllables and disfluencies a person has.
SystemDate11 / 22 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorVOV SOFTSize1.3 MB
KeywordsCompanyVOVSOFTFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryTurkey TurkeyStat D:C2 : 0

 Desktop:Screen Savers: SeasonalNew Release
Flying Love Screensaver 2.0Freeware
Flying Love screensaver is for the most romantic people! Stylish free animated and beautiful screensaver created specifically for the holiday of all loving people. You will see neon like the hearts hovering in the air. It will slowly move endlessly up on your desktop. Screensaver will create a festive mood before the Valentine's Day, and just serve as an excellent stylish decoration for your Windows desktop PC. You can set the screensaver to yourself and to close people in honor of the holiday. Our screensaver is completely free. With the installation of the screensaver on the desktop can even cope the child. Download Flying Love screensaver right now!
SystemDate2 / 7 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorGordon FreemanSize1.9 MB
KeywordsCompanyFullScreensavers.comFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 Business:Office Suites & ToolsNew Release
Focus On Salons 2017Demo
Salon owners, like most industries today, are becoming more cost conscious and are looking for ways to become more efficient, save money and provide a higher level of service to their customers. Until now, there have been very few salon software applications that meet that need. The few barbershop software applications available were either poorly built, extremely outdated or extremely expensive to purchase and run. Focus On Salons addresses all of the above concerns. Using Focus On Salons, salon can now operate with the same organization, efficiency and profit-making potential of the larger shops and chains. Salon owners can now automate their shops just like salons and spas by using software that is built specifically for them. Extremely User Friendly We understand that you may not be a computer expert and do not want to hire one to run your software. This is why we have designed Focus On Salons Software to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use. We guarantee that ...
SystemDate4 / 6 / 2017Download:
LanguageAuthorColleen RobertsSize21.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyBriBeck Technologies, LLC$99.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 0

 System Utilities:Backup & RestoreMajor Update
Fone Rescue for Mac 4.8.Shareware
Fone Rescue for Mac helps you recover lost data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is capable of recovering up to 15 different file types containing information like SMS, contacts, photos, videos, notes, call logs, social media etc. By using Fone Rescue, you can easily get erased files back from any situations like jailbreak, iOS update, i-device damage. Fone Rescue for Mac provides three methods of recovery: recover lost files from your iOS device, recover data from old iTunes or iCloud backups. The program will find and recover your data files in sticky situations like jailbreak, i-device damage, restoring to factory settings, updating iOS software, deleting vital data by accident etc. Fone Rescue for Mac is powerful, yet easy to use, with a good combination of features and an intuitive interface. With its build-in previewer, you can preview lost data in norm view and hex view, which makes it easy to find the information you need.
SystemDate5 / 4 / 2015Download: 
LanguageAuthorPam CheungSize5.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyFireebok Studio$69.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C2 : 0

 System Utilities:Backup & RestoreMinor Update
FonePaw for Android (Windows) 2.9.Shareware
FonePaw for Android works efficiently to recover deleted Android files containing deleted media files like videos, photos and more without privacy risks. It supports a wide range of Android device, for instance, Samsung Galaxy S8/S7 Edge/ S6 Edge/S6/S5/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 8/7/5/Edge/Note 4/Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S/Note Pro and many more. In addition, FonePaw Android Data Recovery is also available to recover deleted SMS and call logs from your Samsung. Plus, the program works well on other Android brands such as LG, Sony, Google Nexus, etc.. Whatever the Samsung/HTC/Moto or the Contact/Call logs, FonePaw Android Data Recovery can be satisfied with users requirements. As for its Backup & Restore feature, you can back up your data with password and restore them to other Android devices.
SystemDate1 / 11 / 2019Download:
LanguageAuthorCarrie SmithSize0.4 MB
KeywordsCompanyFonePaw Technology Limited$49.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C2 : 0

Page: 21 : 1356Found: 13557In Dir: 0
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