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 Security & Privacy:Password ManagersMajor Update
Password Decryptor for Postbox 1.0Freeware
Postbox Password Decryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover your lost or forgotten mail passwords from Postbox - one of the popular email client. Postbox is a free email client which stores the mail account passwords on the local database for subsequent logins so that user don't have to type the password everytime. Postbox Password Decryptor can help in instantly recovering all such stored mail passwords. You can also use it to recover the Postbox account passwords from other system as well. Here are main benefits, * Instantly recover all the mail passwords from Postbox account database * Supports recovery of passwords from local system as well as remote system. * User can also recover from custom Postbox profile location * It can recover passwords from 'Postbox Password Store' even when it is protected with Master Password. In such case user have to supply the correct master password * Automatically discovers Postbox default profile locati...
SystemDate1 / 29 / 2019Download:
LanguageAuthorSecurityXploded OrganizationSize5.3 MB
KeywordsCompanySecurityXplodedFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryIndia IndiaStat D:C3 : 0

 Graphic Apps:OtherMajor Update
Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader 6.1Shareware
Preview and download any Instagram photos and videos with the ability to zip and print them. Enter any Instagram username in the username bar and all photos and videos appear on the grid. Select all, or just a few photos and videos you want to download, zip or print. Enjoy a unique user experience of browsing Instagram photos and videos, from resizing them in the grid to viewing full size photos as a slideshow or searching them. If you are looking for a specific photo or video, use the search bar and save your time.
SystemDate8 / 22 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorDamjan PatarcecSize3.1 MB
KeywordsCompanyGenesis Mobile$9US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryCroatia CroatiaStat D:C3 : 0

 System Utilities:File & Disk ManagementNew Release
SysInfoTools Yahoo Backup Tool 19.0Shareware
Now you can download your Yahoo emails and save them in your computer with the help of SysInfoTools Yahoo Backup Windows software. The utility is designed with most smart & advanced algorithms briskly scan and backup all of your Yahoo emails files to a computer or external hard drive/USB. With this standalone yahoo backup software, you can export and save your yahoo messages into different formats like PST, MBOX, MSG, TXT, HTML, EMLX, PDF, etc. Both technical or non-technical person can easily operate the software without any prior tech expertise. The software is reliable, secure and trustworthy. You can create a backup of your Yahoo mails without any data loss. The Yahoo backup utility application by SysInfo allows you to directly import Yahoo emails to other platforms like Thunderbird, Gmail, Outlook, etc. The software is compatible with every version of Windows OS. The date range filter of the tool allows you to do a selective conversion of Yahoo files. You can customize your em...
SystemDate7 / 12 / 2019Download: admin@sysinfotools.comSize61.1 MB
KeywordsCompanySysInfoTools Software$69US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C3 : 0

 System Utilities:File & Disk ManagementMajor Update
TouchPro 6.0.Shareware
TouchPro allows you to change any combination of file time attributes through a file's property pages. TouchPro fully integrates into Windows Explorer and gives you the ability to touch selected files and entire folder hierarchies in a single easy operation. The registered version of TouchPro enables extra facilities: Separate time & date modification. Touch files, folders, or both. Touch read-only files and folders. Save current settings. Select 24 hour time, and long or short date format.
SystemDate1 / 24 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorJulie LowndesSize1.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyJD Design$12US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryUnited Kingdom United KingdomStat D:C3 : 0

 Graphic Apps:CADMajor Update
STL Viewer / ABViewer 14Shareware
STL Viewer is a versatile software for working with STL files. In addition to STL, it supports more than twenty popular 3D formats including STP/STEP, IGS/IGES, SAT, OBJ and allows converting them into other formats such as DWG, OBJ, JPG, etc. A significant feature of this viewer is measuring 3D models. The panel Structure shows the file content and properties of the measured object: its overall dimensions, volume and center of mass. By using this panel users can control visibility of 3D models' parts and save separate parts as DWG or DXF format. Easy-to-use measurement tools permit users to get more detailed information: area, height between two parallel surfaces, distance between two points, length of an edge and radius of a circle or a circular arc. The results of measurements are displayed in the special panel and are also added above the drawing. The dimension text can be moved, hidden or deleted. The drawing with all measurements may be printed or saved as BMP format....
SystemDate8 / 28 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorCADSoftTools CADSoftToolsSize51.6 MB
Ratings 0 of 0CountryRussian Federation Russian FederationStat D:C2 : 2

 Audio & Multimedia:Video ToolsMajor Update
Easy Video Reverser 3.9.Shareware
Easy Video Reverser indeed reverses video clip and save frames from last to first. You can also reverse audio or not, make the video frame size reasonably small or large, cut video section to reverse, and speed up (fast motion) or slow down (slow motion) video and audio at the same time. This cute tool make it is possible to encode a video in reverse so the resulting video plays in reverse. It is simply to watch the movie from end to start. Easy Video Reverser supports all popular video & Flash formats.
SystemDate6 / 13 / 2016Download:
LanguageAuthorlisy eiuerSize7.0 MB
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 1

 Business:PIMS & CalendarsMajor Update
FCorp - ID Book 2016Freeware
With the Internet opening up new and improved communication methods with individuals from all over the world, there's a high chance you lose track of people you want or need to interact with. A simple and efficient way is to create a contacts list, with applications like 'ID Book' being a suitable environment, fitted with fields for various ways and services to contact your acquaintances. With a modern and polished interface, the application gets you up and running in a jiffy. You can either create or view contacts, features which are stored in separate tabs so that you're not overwhelmed by requirement fields, options and buttons. The creation process is pretty easy and intuitive. Requirement fields are not mandatory so you can fill in only the details you're sure about. In this regard, the application puts a decent variety of options at your disposal. Ranging from gender and other basic personal details, you can dive deeper and even specify zodiac, blood group, hobbies, fav...
SystemDate7 / 12 / 2016Download:
LanguageAuthorFahmy CorporationSize0.7 MB
KeywordsCompanyFahmy CorporationFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryIndonesia IndonesiaStat D:C2 : 1

 Home & Hobby:Personal FinanceMajor Update
QXF2QIF Convert 10.2Shareware
QXF2QIF Converter. Convert .QXF (Quicken Transfer Format) files exported from Quicken or Quicken Essentials into .QIF format suitable for many finance and accounting applications. - Instant, One-Step Conversions: Runs conversions with the single click of a button. - Straightforward Interface: Employs a user-friendly platform that is simple to use, even for people with no experience in computer software. - Worldwide Functionality: Delivers both U.S. and European date formats. - Advanced Security: Runs on your desktop without requiring uploading, downloading, login information, or direct access to your accounts. - Comprehensive: Convert account lists, bank account transactions, credit card transactions, investment transactions, categories, transfers, tags, splits, and memorized transactions. What else can I do with QXF2QIF? - Convert Quicken data into .QIF format and import your data into many finance and accounting applications. - Run automatic conversions as part...
SystemDate6 / 1 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorMoney ThumbSize6.4 MB
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 1

 Games & Entertainment:Puzzle & Word GamesNew Release
Word Scramble III 1.0.Freeware
This is a the third version of word scramble. Like the previous 2 versions, the letters are scrambled and you need to unscramble them to get a correct word. Unlike the previous versions this time you always need to use all the characters to form a word, and there are no hints. If you cannot figure out how to form a valid word, you can skip the word and try the next. You can always see the characters of the next few words, so if you are confident that you can solve the next word, you can skip the current word and complete the next one. The more characters there are in a word, the higher the score you will get if you can unscramble that word. There is a 5 minute time limit in the game, try to solve as many long words as possible within that 5 minutes.
SystemDate11 / 9 / 2014Download:
LanguageAuthorPeter LeeSize0.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyNovel Games LimitedFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 1

 System Utilities:File & Disk ManagementMajor Update
Yodot Mac Data Recovery 2.0.Demo
No data loss scenario become a barrier for recovering your lost or deleted data on Mac when you are using Yodot Mac Data Recovery software. Even after experiencing simple to drastic data disaster instances, the tool acts as a promising solution for you. So, never lose hope when you encounter situations like Mac time machine error, catalog record damage/corruption, journal corruption, broken file system, MBR corruption, unintentional formatting/reformatting, partition errors, accidental deletion of files/volume, emptying Trash, etc. Just scan your affected Mac storage drive using the free trial edition of Yodot Mac Data recovery tool and restore your lost or deleted data. This award-winning Mac data recovery program is fitted with advanced algorithms which deep scans the storage media sector-by-sector and finds your lost or deleted data. Restored data from your Mac can be verified using two distinct views such as files view and folder view. Moreover, you can judge the data recovery...
SystemDate2 / 15 / 2019Download:
LanguageAuthorYodot SoftwareSize3.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyYodot Software$79.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C2 : 1

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