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 Business:Databases & ToolsMajor Update
objectiF RPM 5.2Demo
Software for Application Lifecycle Management. It combines model-based requirements engineering and management, system design, agile and classic project management approaches and agile testing in one solution. The tool offers visual requirements analysis and specification (use case modeling, block diagrams, class diagrams, package diagrams, requirement diagrams with UML, SysML etc.) form-based documentation of all requirements (with editable states, priorities and workloads as well as interdependencies between requirements and other system elements). Task and project planning can be done the agile, classic or hybrid way and are derived straight from requirements. objectiF RPM offers a roadmap for release planning, Gantt Chart scheduling, cost and progress control, import and export of MS Excel files as well as ReqIF and JIRA interfaces. All project results are traceable all the time thanks to integrated configuration and variant management. Current reports for project controlling c...
SystemDate10 / 23 / 2019Download: 
LanguageAuthorTanja SadrinnaSize516.3 MB
KeywordsCompanymicroTOOL GmbH$1380US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryGermany GermanyStat D:C1 : 0

 Business:Project ManagementMajor Update
in-STEP BLUE 6.4.Demo
The project management software in-STEP BLUE supports teams with by providing powerful business processes, customizable workflows and templates, with included versioning of docments, requirements, changes etc. The individual design of a business process is dependet on the environment you are working in, be it aviation, the railway industry, automotive, medical technology, IT software development or product development for embedded systems. Which business processes you are using and which departments, roles and operations you are supporting is entirely up to you. Use a company-wide, individual process for project management, use standards such as V-Modell XT, PRINCE2, agile Scrum or SPICE for Automotive. Or simply create your own workflow for your project documentation. Plan your projects with the project management software in-STEP BLUE and reach your goals. Projects and portfolios, teams and organizations, project managers, requirements analysts and testers - all of them have one...
SystemDate9 / 18 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorTanja SadrinnaSize232.5 MB
KeywordsCompanymicroTOOL GmbH$1035US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryGermany GermanyStat D:C0 : 0

 Development:Basic, VB, VB DotNetMajor Update
objectiF 7.2Demo
Tool for model-driven software development with UML in C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++ and Java. Develop domain models with the UML and automatically transform them into technical models and large amounts of code. Complete the implementation of the program logic in Round Trip with Visual Studio or Eclipse. The simple navigation between models and code is one of objectiF's key features. The tool is suitable for iterative development and is a good match for agile development. For requirements modeling objectiF offers use case models, activity, sequence and state diagrams. Requirements specifications can be created by mouse click. Development templates enable a quick project start. Business processes can be modeled with BPMN. The tool offers MS Word templates to describe diagrams and their elements uniformly. Documentation in HTML can be generated as well. objectiF also supports the development of embedded software and other technical applications in C++.
SystemDate7 / 14 / 2015Download: 
LanguageAuthorMichael SchenkelSize106.4 MB
KeywordsCompanymicroTOOL GmbH$1093US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryGermany GermanyStat D:C0 : 0

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