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VisualPlace 1.8.Freeware
VisualPlace assists in (manual or automated) PCB assembly. Component placement is extracted from files generated from the EDA suite (notably the Gerber files, the centroid file and the bill-of-materials). The application visualizes the component placement and converts the files (with corrections, where applicable) for further automated processing. Due to a plug-in architecture, VisualPlace works with many EDA suites, and more can be added. With camera support, VisualPlace functions as a magnifier for PCB assembly, as well as a component locator by overlaying the video image with the position markers.
SystemDate10 / 17 / 2013Download: 
LanguageAuthorThiadmer RiemersmaSize2.8 MB
KeywordsCompanyCompuPhaseFreeware Free for use
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